Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance:

Taking care of your investment in your home is very important. We provide services to help you get your home maintenance projects done and keep your house in tip-top shape! Whether it is a seasonal project or once a year upkeep we have you covered! We do our best to take care of all of your home maintenance needs. We can also help you with the upkeep on your rental homes, bed and breakfasts, or office.


Some of the maintenance services we offer:

Seasonal Maintenance

Caulking around windows, tubs, and sinks

Air Seal around doors and windows

Minor electrical work such as bulb replacement and light fixture replacement

Plumbing maintenance like cleaning the u-trap and checking for leaks

Lock Maintenance and door adjustments

Trim repair

Paint and drywall touch-ups


Why is home maintenance so important?

If you look at your home maintenance the same way as you look at your car maintenance it gives you an idea of how important it really is. You have regular routine maintenance done on your car and by treating your home the same way it can protect the investment you have made and will save you a lot more money down the road from having to do expensive repairs.

The most important factor is the cost savings. By keeping up on your home maintenance it helps spot small problems early so that they don’t turn into big headaches later. A good example of this is a customer we had that had a tub that the caulking hadn’t been kept up on and it was leaking into the walls causing major rot damage. If the home maintenance had been performed on a regular basis it would have saved him time and money.

Performing regular maintenance can also save you money on power bills. By regularly checking the seals around your doors and windows you can detect where air is coming in and heat is being let out. During the winter this becomes really important because you can have cold air being let in that is dropping the temperature in your house. This also makes your furnace have to work harder because it is having to use more energy to heat your house.



Regularly checking that your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning properly is very important. By checking the batteries and functionality of your detectors it can literally save the life of you and your family. The last thing you want is a malfunctioning smoke detector to not go off when there is a fire and not giving you time to get your family and pets out of the house safely.

Detecting water leaks early can prevent mold and mildew from building up. If you don’t know that you have a leak and the water soaks into the sheetrock just sitting there it can cause mold and mildew which can make your family sick. Eventually that can even turn into black mold which can seriously hurt you and your families health.