Kent Washington


We are proud to offer service to our neighbors in Kent, Washington. Kent is located off of one of busiest highways in the state and is centrally located with easy access to I-5, I-405, Hwy 167, and Hwy 516 so no matter what part of Kent that you are in we can get a handyman out to you quickly even with today’s traffic!

With one of our handymen based in Kent it is easy to get him to you in emergency situations, as well as scheduled appointments. From commercial to residential we offer a full handyman service to get you taken care of quickly and efficiently with superior quality.


Kent has a lot of commercial buildings. Whether it is an office building, retail space, or a warehouse we have you covered! Our handymen can do routine maintenance, emergency repairs, or custom installations. We will come out to your location, assess the work that needs to be done, and then give you an estimate right on the spot. In a lot of cases work can begin immediately so that you can get back to your daily tasks without any unneeded delays. If it is going to be a lot of work that requires extra materials then our handyman will work with you to complete the work at a pace and schedule that works for you.

Routine Maintenance

If you have regular maintenance that needs to completed we can handle it for you. A lot of the warehouses around Kent have high ceilings that require extremely tall ladders to just to change the light bulbs or smoke detector batteries. We can also handle any safety checks, painting, and shelving repair that you may need done.

Emergency Repairs

Emergencies can happen at anytime especially when you least expect it. From plumbing to glass replacement we can have one of our handyman come out to you and get your situation taken quickly so you don’t have to worry any more. Emergency situations are stressful and we understand that so our handyman that comes out to you will do everything that he can to complete the work quickly and efficiently to help take that stress off of you.

Custom Installations

Our experience handymen can do all kinds of custom work. We have worked on assembly lines, roller racks, and rolling shelf units of all sizes. We are more than just a basic handyman service. If you have a project that you need done and you are not sure of who you can call to complete it try us! We will have one of our handymen come out to your location and see what needs to be done to complete your project. From start to completion you will work with the same handyman so you that know that the person onsite will have the knowledge of your project and what your expectations are.


Kent has a variety of older houses all the way to brand new within the last year. Hopefully with the newer houses you won’t need emergency services but with the older ones there is always that possibility. Old or new we will get you taken care of and can do emergency repairs, regular maintenance, custom work, and even full remodels for you. We all want to keep our houses looking good and having a handyman you can trust is important!

Emergency Services

From pipes that have burst to leaky roofs there are a lot of emergency situations that can come up when you own a house. Our handymen have experience dealing with all kinds of emergency repairs and can get your work completed quickly to get you back to your daily life. Once we have you on the books we will get out to you at your scheduled time, give you an estimate for the work that needs to be done, and then get right to work on your repairs. As soon as the work is completed an invoice will be sent over to you and we can swipe your credit card immediately onsite. In most cases your entire job will be completed all on the same day!

Regular Maintenance

Maintaining your home properly is not something that every person can do so having the right handyman to take care of your property is important. We can come in and give your home an inspection and let you know what is in need of maintenance and what isn’t. We can check your roof, hot water tank, pipes, siding, and just about anything else you can think of. Whether it is something that needs to be done soon or it is something that can wait we will be open and honest with you through the entire process so that you know that you have a handyman that you can trust.

Custom Work

Who doesn’t like having a nice deck to entertain guests on or custom shelving for your books or collectibles? If you are looking to replace your deck, have new shelves built, or have just about any other custom work that you need done. We can come out and discuss with you what it is that you are wanting and then build you a custom estimate including labor and materials. Once the estimate has been approved we can get right to work on your project or we can schedule the work for a time that works best for you. We will build everything to your specifications and if anything needs to be adjusted we will let you know as soon as we can. Our goal is for you to be happy with the finished product and the service that you received.

Full Remodels

If you are looking to remodel your house we have the skills and experience to get it done! Whether it is redoing your kitchen, basement, and bathrooms or adding a garage we can help you with any project that you need done. One of our project managers will come out to you and go over the work that needs to be done. Once we have taken all the measurements, calculated all of the materials, and figured out how much labor it is going to take we will give you a full estimate. We keep you updated through the whole process so you can feel comfortable that your project is getting handled by professionals!